Marisa Wright

Certified birth doula, certified postpartum doula, lactation counselor, qualified mother roaster & overall incredibly passionate about supporting families!

I am lucky enough to be from MIssoula, Montana.  I studied biology at the University of Montana with emphasis in education, psychology and ecology. After graduating in 2005 I moved to Seattle for shy of 2 years, working at a rock climbing gym while exploring the pacific northwest. Seattle was the beginning of my travels. Afterwards I spent a year in Australia, road-tripping, surfing and missing the mountains, then a year in New Zealand, where I met my husband. We worked a few seasons in Milford Sound, where we had first met, as sea kayak guides before moving to Alaska to work for Alaska Crossings, a wilderness therapy company taking youth at risk in the wilderness for 51 days, ocean canoeing and mountaineering. We lived in a Chevy van in the off season, traveling around the western United States, exploring ourselves, avoiding the cities, and finding peace in the wilderness. 

While working again in Milford in 2011 we became pregnant with our first child, born in Missoula at Community Hospital September 2012. The incredible experience of pregnancy and childbirth ignited a passion in me and shortly after our son was born I began studying to be a birth doula through DONA International. Since beginning my certification I have attended several trainings including the DONA birth doula training,  Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) training, DONA postpartum doula training, Sacred Postpartum course, several Spinning Babies courses, a certification lecture course with Postpartum Support International, lectures focused on breastfeeding support for doulas, child sleep training etc., and have furthered my knowledge with independent research. I am a Certified Birth Doula, a Certified Postpartum Doula (both through DONA International) and a Qualified Mother Roaster and will soon be a Spinning Babies Parent Educator as well as an ISR swim instructor!

In between my initial training and becoming a full time doula and lactation counselor I worked for Missoula Youth Homes for three years. My passion is supporting people, in which ever role they need. I feel very comfortable with being the person to lean on in times of joy as well as crisis while providing a solid, calm presence.

My second baby boy was born in December 2015, at the Birth Center in Missoula, Mt. After all my training and attending many, many births at that point I thought I knew what to expect. I didn't. Birth surprises us every time! And with every birth there is a lesson, and a reminder of strength. I am a full time practicing doula now and carry each lesson with me at every birth, while remaining joyfully present and ready for surprises!

After living and working with families in New Zealand for the past two years I'm exited to bring my practice back to Missoula! It’s beautiful how everything is working out, how following the power of “yes!” and trusting opens so many doors!

I believe in the empowerment of women through their birth experience. I believe in supporting women to have the birth experience they choose, however they define it. I believe in opening to birth as it unfolds, often unexpectedly, and finding surrender. I believe that supporting the partner and working well with other team members are key in this process.

The DONA philosophy states  "A doula for every woman who wants one."  I believe that a healthy community starts with birth and will therefore provide services at a reduced cost when possible.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a free consultation.