As mothers, we carry our birth and postpartum stories with us for the rest of our lives. When you hire a doula you are investing in your experience, someone to witness and honor your journey in becoming a mother, someone to support and empower your decisions, to help you heal, to deeply hold space for you...

Birth Doula Services

Includes a free consultation, usually 2-3 prenatal visits (though more times are always recommended to help gain comfort, understanding and trust. I've been with mamas and met with the family as many as 15-20 times!), being on call 24/7 for a an average of 5 weeks (this means that I'm never out of cell service and no more than an hour away), accompanying you in labor and birth (you choose when and where I join), staying 1-3 hours afterwards or until you're ready for quiet family time, usually 1 postpartum visit (again, more can be arranged if necessary) and unlimited breastfeeding support and postpartum advice for as long as necessary. I am always available for questions via phone or email. I can include a breastfeeding prep class as well as some birth education/coping strategies as part of our prenatal care if you choose.

My services include photography of the birth (when possible) and the precious moments following, as well as an array of healing sitz baths, peri sprays, salves and more! If you’re looking for someone to dive deeper into your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience, to walk with you through the physical, emotional and spiritual transitions that take place, to hold space deeply for you, please reach out, I’d love to meet you!



It's important to support all forms of birth, having someone as part of your team during a cesarean is still incredibly beneficial. As a doula I can continue looking after mama while the partner looks after the baby, so no one ever feels alone. Gentle reminders to breathe, to feel a soft hand on your forehead knowing you are held and safe, help with decisions regarding care during and directly after the procedure, and knowing that you've made the best decision for you and your baby are all a part of what makes your birth experience a positive one. Includes one postpartum visit. Photographs of your birth, if you wish, may be included and can be a powerful piece of your journey.


Postpartum Doula Services

Also includes a free consultation. Afterwards we work together to define how and how often I will help in the weeks or months following birth. These services include emotional support, support with infants and sibling integration, breastfeeding/feeding support, light housekeeping, light meal preparation, herbal remedies and ceremony, if you should choose it.  Again, questions through phone and email are always included. I am certified in Postpartum Mood Disorders through Postpartum Support International and have an extensive list of resources to help.



Mother honoring and warming ceremonies are found world wide in many cultures, the idea being to mother the mother in a deep, traditional way, to gently add warmth to her as she transitions from maiden to mother, and honor and hold space for her as she does, or has done. Crafted from personal life experience my training has also helped me discover the most beautiful pieces of each, and now I can bring them to you! These ceremonies are tailored to you and your experience but often include a combination of the ceremonial debriefing of the birth, washing of the feet, a birth sealing ceremony, warming belly paste and hot stone abdominal press, sage cleanse, chakra work and belly binding, if you choose to do so. I believe strongly in honoring mothers during the early transitional months and am humbled to be doing such beautiful work!


Just need a little more support and information?

POSTPARTUM Consultations

Many parents spend a lot of time planning for the birth, and are then surprised when they "get to go home" with their new little one or when the midwife leaves. "You mean they don't come with a manual?!" Other parents find the postpartum period harder then expected, or are worried about postpartum mood disorders. Parents might find that baby isn't sleeping well or having feeding issues months down the road and just want a little more support. Whatever the situation, whether new parents, working with an older sibling, or just looking for a gentle direction, I'm here to help. This meeting is a personal session catered to directed planning, preparation and problem solving while being sensitive to your preferred parenting style. Includes postpartum telephone/text/email support as well.


Planning for breastfeeding consultation

A wonderful, fun class focused on breastfeeding. Includes followup telephone/text/email support


holistic Postpartum Classes

This class is provides insight and preparation for everything we don't expect we need to prepare for! Packed with tips and tricks around nutrition, planning, creating your village, and hard situations that may arise while organizing the information into four categories of care; the overall family, the mother, the partner, sibling integration and baby. Keep an eye out on my Face Book page Marisa Wright - Doula for scheduled events.

positioning, balance and movement for a better birth - class

Help prepare for a smooth labor, relieve pregnancy aches and pains, gently encourage a stalled or erratic to labor progress by using physiology, not force, to help baby find a position that allows decent and encourages opening.
Sometimes, more often now due to lifestyle changes over the years, labor will fall into a start-stop pattern, stall completely, or be very intense with no significant progress. These are all likely signs that baby isn't in a good position, often asynclitic or posterior, and can lead to unnecessary interventions. Given an understanding on how baby needs to navigate through the pelvis leads to a clear picture on what the mother and her support team can do to aid physiological birth.
Classes are posted on my Face Book page, private workshops can be arranged.